Allison Financial Method

Financial Analysis


Whether you are beginning an investment program or revising a current strategy—we begin with a financial analysis that illustrates how your current approach impacts your life into the future:

♦   We conduct an initial consultation where we gain insight into your goals and learn when you hope to attain those goals

♦   We provide a questionnaire and a cash flow worksheet to use as tools to prepare for your initial meeting with us

We do our homework! Using your data we create an analysis of your financial picture now and in the future. Having this quantifiable report allows us to create specific solutions to help you attain your goals.

Investment Guidance

Investment Strategy

Modern Portfolio Theory is the basis for all of our portfolio designs, helping to limit volatility and maximize returns. Careful consideration is given to each investor’s Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon. Investing is an experience unto itself. We take the time to educate our clients about different investment vehicles so that they can feel more comfortable and confident that these vehicles will help them achieve their goals.  

Nothing replaces common sense and sensitivity to our clients' fears and concerns. Consequently, our technical and fundamental analyses are always tempered with this human element to match a portfolio to each client. 



The success of our partnership lies here—in our reviews. Reviews are the way we capture our client’s life changes and become aware of new goals and dreams. Life is ever-changing, and we are dedicated to providing proactive advice and service. To this end, we conduct the same in-depth analysis that we did initially as well as any other analysis that may be required as life moves forward.